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Michael H’s Version of Georges Seurat’s ‚La Grande Jatte‘ (Chicago)

Michael said to me: „The best of America is a McDonald-Burger…“

And: „Nobody can say of oneself to be an „Artist“. Other people can say it.“

A ‚whimsical‘ Artist somebody told of him?
One of the most SERIOUS one I ever met in my life.

He liked to work on comission; mostly portraits when I met him in Chicago
where he took refuge for a while after he got mugged in New York.

He took me to Mr. Kovacevic, an artist-phisician (Pediatrician?), who gave us a Performance. Letting dance ‚paper-characters‘ – as he called some small cutout-papers – over a waterfilled container.
What Mr. K. showed me else…I will never speak about.

Michael took me also to a couple, where I saw a work of Dieter Roth,
a built-in-installation in the kitchen(?) of the couple’s flat.

Chicago is an architectural Museum.
Michael drove me in his huge ‚coach‘ to F.L. Wright’s ‚Robie-Residence‘ I liked to see.


(I met him later again in New York.
He was working in a loft of a female artist-friend.
There I did my photos)


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