Today: „Geisel Library Building, USCD“

[The acme of my academic career.
Thanks a lot to the loud negro women weeping when I left – having cleaned my room every day -..Thanks to the pretty Chinese Girl, who tried to improve my English: ‚You can’t say: one day more.‘ You should say, instead: ‚one more day‘.
But these are only examples of all the extrodinary people I met there, – o.k. –
Adieu, wonderful San Diego. Adieu, Komodo! Adieu, huge Pacific-Waves in La Jolla! Adieu, you smelling Eucalyptus-Trees on the Campus….
I keep lot of secrets for myself. Suffice it to say, I have spent there the most wonderful days of my life.]


Das erste Bild zeigt den Zustand der Buecherei kurz nach der Fertigstellung. Die zwei anderen sind spaeter entstanden, und aus anderer Sicht aufgenommene.

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