Cybercrime (NZZ)

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American Shootingscene: Dallas

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American ShootinngScene#

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‚Stolpersteine‘ (German Crimes)

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Warshaw – Ghetto – 1945 (German Crimes)

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After the Boston-Massacre

April 18, 2013 Kommentare deaktiviert für After the Boston-Massacre

Is man inherently good or evil?
Three dead bodies, 20 to 30 missing limbs, and more than 180 injured can force us to revisit that age-old question: What is the state of man’s nature? Is he inherently good or evil? The Boston Marathon bombings have presented us with the dilemma of Locke versus Hobbes again.

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Pavel Florenski (executed in 1937 by the NKVD. Near Leningrad)

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The Aurora-Joker – Times-Video

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The man suspected in the mass shooting had colored his hair red and told police he was the Joker, according to a federal law enforcement source with detailed knowledge of the investigation.

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Crime Haunted Berlin

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Zilla K. wurde im selben Jahr geboren, wie ich.

Sie koennte heute noch leben. Wie ich.
Waere sie nicht 1943 – vier Jahre alt – ermordet worden.

Zilla K. Born in the same year as I.

She could have lived as long as I.
If she were not bereft of her life at the age of four.

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