Les Miserables

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The Telde Cat – (Dedicated to Karli and Dirk.)

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I saw her
She stared at me

I saw her
She gazed at me

The beast!

(Remembering a Goya-Painting in the Met.)

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Ashland – Oregon 2011

Oktober 12, 2011 Comment »

http://www.basseblog.fabermedia.de/?p=16252A Word in Advance.

The following Diashow is above all for my friends in Ashland.
It’s a selection out of a bunch of photoes I mounted together even though each ’shot‘ has its own history. Indepently of each other.

I see the Ashland-photoes at the center of my time in America.

(The pictures of Garberville and San Francisco will be shown later.
Especially the Garberville ones are a – needed – complementary ‚comment‘ to the glorious days in affluent Ashland.)

I have no intention, to explain my photoes.
They should explain themselves and seen as a whole.
Obvious is they are from the view of an European visitor of Ashland.

The more I saw and discovered during my ramblings through Ashland and its vicinity the more I loved the area.
Finally, I would say: Ashland is a jewel.(With some tainted spots of course.)

Incidentally; what’s clear for everybody looking at the results of my pictorial roamings: I am a lover of ‚American Mailboxes‘: they tell such a lot of the inhabitants of the houses they belong to.

I owe these seminal days to the hospitality and largesse of Angela, Bruce and Ginger Blackwell.

Berlin-July 2011

[slideshow id=91 w=700 h= 525]

(In memoriam: Robert Frank and Lee Friedlander)

more links for ‚America‘:



Sunny San Francisco

My S.F.



IMatter March



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The Enchanted Redwood (Treehouse-Mysteries) photo: Ginger B.

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dscn6123-b-hPhoto by Ginger B.


Originally a common giftshop in the redwoods near Leggett with a separate part to treat visitors with beverages/food. Including some small houses to rent out.

The Giftshop itself – closed now – but opened for me by my friend was gloomy, dusty and full of the usual stuff to be sold in such places. Conspicuous was the amount of objects of Chinese provenance.

There was a rather huge area in addition, next to the shop between some more redwoodtrees. This free place was stoked up with an assemblage of older and newer cars, numerous trucks and gigantic containers. Between them heaps of rubbish. All stuff overgrown with weed and fallen redwoodtwigs.
Giving to me the impression the owners left some time ago leaving their belongings behind.

But I knew in the same moment the conglomerate was in posession of my friend. And that she was living there during the time her children went to school in Leggett.

Seeing the photo-booty before my eyes I came into a sort of frenzy.
Running to-and-fro in circles in this photographic paradise I started doing my camerawork.

Returned to Berlin I was mostly frustrated when I met the photographic result of the treehouse-aerea.
To bring a certain order in the bunch failed.

Finally I accepted the photoes. Realizing they were rather colourful, mysterious, pitoresque,
iridescenting methinks.

(I dedicate the TreeHouse Bloggpart to Ying and the children Ginger and Beam)


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Berkeley – Campus-Carillon (Video) – Peace to America

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[pro-player width=“700″ height=“401″ type=“flv“autostart=“false“repeat=“true“ image=“http://www.basseblog.fabermedia.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/neues-bild-1-b1.jpg“] http://www.basseblog.fabermedia.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/dscn7388.flv“[/pro-player]


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Beete Muvee

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Susan Blackmore

April 6, 2011 Kommentare deaktiviert für Susan Blackmore

The Third Replicator

All around us information seems to be multiplying at an ever increasing pace. New books are published, new designs for toasters and i-gadgets appear, new music is composed or synthesized and, perhaps above all, new content is uploaded into cyberspace. This is rather strange. We know that matter and energy cannot increase but apparently information can.
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